Aging Bichon Frise's Appearance

(I think that I am a little off on my dates, but I should be learning how to use this blogging software soon!)

Our little Sprite is just as cute to us as the day we got her eleven years ago. That is not to say that other people see her the same way we do! She is still all white, but there have been some rather subtle changes in her appearance.

I fondly remember the day we brought Sprite home from the pet store. She was simply the cutest bundle of white fluff, with those three adorable little black buttons on her face. If you have a Bichon Frise in your family, then you will know what I am referring to……. her two little button-black eyes and her little-button black nose.

But, alas, those little Bichon Frise button-black eyes are now slowly changing color. Although Sprite seems to be able to see just as well as before, I have noticed that I am having to turn the light on in the stairwell more and more often. She is somewhat reluctant to come up the stairs (especially at night) unless the light is on. This never happened before…… she would bound up the stairs and then hippity-hop down them, never caring if the light was bright enough or not. If she was in search of someone in particular, nothing stopped her.

Also, her little Bichon Frise button-black nose has now lost it’s patent-leather-black hue. I think that the color that now comes to mind is gray…. sort of, anyway! Since I am not a veterinarian, I can only guess that the color changes are due to the natural aging process. The pigmentation just doesn’t “last” for their entire lives.

Well, I just called my vet, (or should I say Sprite’s vet?!?) and he assures me that the pigmentation is normal…. but that I should watch for sores, other types of lumps and/or growths, or excessive running (of her nose!). I sure wish he hadn’t added those things to watch for! It seems like Sprite has recently been having all sorts of new-fangled infirmities, and this is just another little “something-something” that I can now add to my list of things to watch (and worry about!). Good grief! Having a pet sure is a big responsibility! You would think that Sprite enjoys going to the vet, which I happen to know she doesn’t like doing.

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