Sprite is certainly a wonderful companion to me! Now that both of our children have moved out, we really have become aware of how many hours of enjoyment Sprite gives us each day. And, she never expects anything more than her daily walk, food, water, and a pat on her head. Of course, we provide a lot more “behind the scenes”…. like medical attention, grooming, and a whole lot of worrying!

It’s difficult to see the aging of a family pet because it is so gradual, and we all are getting older along with our pet. But, it seems to me that once they start experiencing the discomfort of old age setting in, it isn’t quite as gradual as I would have wished it to be.

Sprite must have pulled a muscle a few days ago. We have had to carry her up and down the stairs for the last few days. She wasn’t able to jump onto the ottoman that we have placed in front of the big windows for her, either. She loves looking out on the street from “her” ottoman, so I know she has missed being able to jump up whenever she wanted.  

It looks like she is finally back to her normal self today, which is a great comfort to us.  

This morning I was remembering back to when we named her Sprite…. She was just so doggone cute… looked like a fluffy ball of white coconut.