Types of Bichon Frise Hair Cuts

As far as hair cuts go for the Bichon breed, there are several that you can actually choose from, making this dog quite fun for the individual who likes to change things up from time to time. One of these hair cuts is a shaved down version, which is often called a lamb cut. What you or your groomer will do is basically shave down all of the areas on the dog except for the head and tail. This is quite a wonderful hair cut for your Bichon Frise, especially when you are looking to keep good control of matting.

Another very popular style is the panda cut, otherwise known as the modified puppy cut. If you are looking to have this done, you will have your dog groomed by clipping the body and breast bone area and then using scissors by hand to trip the legs and the chest coat. The basic puppy cut is always completely scissored by hand. You might even hear this cut called the teddy bear.

Go ahead and try a couple of different cuts with your dog so that you can see what works the best for them and you. After you begin grooming your Bichon on a regular basis, it can become a nice part of their normal routine, one that they will end up looking forward to.

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