Tearless Puppy Shampoo…

I just had a recent question about the type of shampoo that we use with Sprite. I think that I have mentioned her numerous medicated shampoos in recent blogs, but I don’t think that I have actually named the type of shampoo we use for her “in between groomer” baths.

I don’t buy anything special for Sprite’s “regular baths”… just the the puppy shampoo that our local grocery store sells. But, I have to admit that Sprite has a problem with letting me wash her face, so I am very gentle with her facial area. I usually try to avoid it completely.

Because Sprite has so many allergies, I have found that the tearless puppy shampoo is the  most gentle kind that I can use on her. But, she still hates bath time…. and only cooperates with me because she knows that she will get a special treat after we are finished.

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