Searching for the Right Bichon Frise Groomer

As I said before, it wasn’t easy finding the right groomer for Sprite. After that terrible shampoo-burning eyes incident, I became very aware of everything that is involved in a Bichon Frise grooming……. down to the kind of shampoo that was used.

A friend of ours bought a poodle (which requires the same amount of grooming as a Bichon Frise) and shortly after the adoption day, he bought a magnificent grooming kit. By “magnificent” I mean top of the line, and very expensive. Anyway, his plan was this: he would start the poodle grooming process while the poodle was just a little, bitty puppy, and that way, they would both become comfortable with the grooming process. This turned out to be a lot more trouble than our friend was willing to take, so, suffice it to say that his poodle is now visiting a professional groomer once a month. (You know what they say about best laid plans…)

Anyway, our last groomer has been an absolute peach! We started taking Sprite to her a few years ago, and we absolutely love her.  She works out of a veterinarian’s office, but she just rents the space. Since she owns her own business, she doens’t work for minimum wage, which I think that our other groomers must have done. Because of this, she actually has a stake in how she grooms Sprite ( and the other dogs), which could be the reason she is so good.

And, she passes the one big test that I now have……… Sprite doesn’t back away when our groomer approaches her, rather, she wags her tail and is happy to go with her. I am assuming that since Sprite still likes her…. even after all of the annal gland expressions over the years, she must be very good to Sprite when I am not there.

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