Rain Means Mud!!!

Sprite tries to act like she doesn’t seek out the few patches of grass that become muddy when it rains. And, I mean she “tries to act” like she just mistakenly goes through the mud. It’s not that she loves being put in the bath to have the mud washed off of her paws, it’s that she likes what happens after the bath time.

Now that she is on a very restricted diet of only the Royal Canin dog food (for her urinary tract problems) her special treats are simply dollops of the canned dog food. She used to love performing “her tricks” for Lean Pupperoni treats, but since she can no longer eat them, she “makes due” with her canned dog food. And, let me just say, she LOVES it.

But, she also loves the feeling of mud between her little paw pads. My family (my husband and both of my college kids who are back home for the summer) find me a little tedious about insisting that they carry her out over the little mud patches. But, of course, this could be because it appears that I am the only adult in the house who knows how to clean her paws!

Hmmmm…..Between Sprite trying to “mistakenly” walk through the mud and my three adults who don’t find it necessary to wipe her feet, I think that I’m being bamboozled!

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