Finding a Dog Groomer for Your Puppy

Ask around to see if some of your friends who have pets can tell you if they have a groomer that they can recommend for you and your dog. If not, then you can always ask your kennel, veterinarian or dog trainer if they can provide you with a couple of recommendations. This can give you a little bit of piece of mind knowing that you can trust a groomer that has proven themselves to other people that you are familiar with.

First and foremost, in addition to proper grooming, you really need to make absolutely sure that your Bichon is treated properly while they are in the groomer’s care. Be sure that you visit the grooming facilities ahead of time so that you can get to know the technicians a little bit and see how they interact with the dogs. Find out if your groomer tranquilizes (a very bad sign!) and also how they may care for your Bichon if he or she is elderly or has any special needs.

Check out all of the services that are available and even ask if you can possibly see them in action while grooming a dog. It is very important that you have a groomer who seems very comfortable with your Bichon, which will in turn make for a successful visit. Find out what the facilities use for shampoos as well as any flea and tick products as well. All in all, after a good bit of consideration on your part, you should find that you and your Bichon Frise will have an amazing trip to the groomer every single time!

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