Finding a Veterinarian

I had no idea that finding the right veterinarian was going to be a problem. I had planned on simply going to the first vet I found, and staying with him/her for all of Sprite’s life. But, that was not the case! 

The first veterinarian I took Sprite to was the veterinarian who serviced the pet shop we bought her from. That turned out to be an awful experience! One of the stipulations of the pet store was that I take our new puppy to their veterinarian within the first week she was at home with us. 

Boy, was I surprised to hear about all of the problems she had! I asked the vet why he had signed a bill of good health for Sprite when we bought her, two days earlier! He didn’t really have an answer to that question, just a list of many products I could buy to take care of her very bad ear infection and peculiar red spots on  her stomach area. He said he would need to run some tests on her to determine what the red spots were. Needless to say, I left that veterinarian’s office in shambles! (I also bought all of the products he pushed on me, not knowing what else I could do.)

Two days later, after canceling my appointment with the previous vet, I took Sprite to our second veterinarian, who told me that the marks on her stomach were nothing more that a few ant bites which he thought she had gotten while playing in our back yard. He told me not to worry, and sent me home. I really did like this veterinarian, but since he was on the other side of town, I decided to find one who I liked, but was located somewhere nearby. At that time, car rides were not high on Sprite’s list of things to do.

Our next veterinarian turned out to be the one we stayed with for several years.  He was the vet who spayed her, and we would have stayed on with him, except that at one point, he had technicians who didn’t seem to like animals. You wouldn’t think that would be important, but it is! I wanted the people who were performing the routine tasks like weighing her, taking her temperature, soothing her while the vet was giving her shots, etc., to like dogs.  And, they didn’t.

On to our fourth veterinarian…  We have been with him since Sprite turned five, and thought that we had finally found the right vet for her.  Unfortunately, all of that has changed.  He has now become such a popular vet that we no longer get to see him.  The last few times Sprite has had to go in, we have seen substitute vets.  A substitute vet is just that, a vet who isn’t part of the practice, but who is called in when the official vet takes the day off.  

You see, finding a veterinarian isn’t as easy as one would think!  You have to keep looking until you find the right one for you.. and your dog.