Dogs in the Non-Sporting Category

When you find yourself becoming a proud owner of an incredible pure bred dog, such as the wonderful Bichon Frise, you might end up very interested and involved in various dog shows and competitions. Any of the dogs who are registered with the AKC, otherwise known as the American Kennel Club, have the chance to enter some of the amazing shows and competitions that take place every single year. However, where does your lovable and fun Bichon Frise fit into these events?

The Bichon Frise and several other breeds are actually a part of what is called the non-sporting category of dogs. This is basically a wonderful group of dogs that do not seem to fit in with any of the other categories or classifications of dogs at the shows. For example, the dogs within the sporting group are very well known for their background and ability for things such as running and hunting with amazing agility and energy. Dogs in the sporting group include breeds such as Irish Setters, Springer Spaniels, and so on.

The non-sporting category of dogs happens to be filled with many different and wonderful breeds. As a matter of fact, the best possible way to describe this group is to say that they are very different when it comes to their size as well as origin and characteristics. Along with your precious Bichon Frise, you will find the following pure breds in the Non-Sporting category: the Tibetan Spaniel, French Bulldog, Boston Terrier, Shiba Inu, Bulldog, Chinese Shar-Pei, American Eskimo Dog, Dalmatian, Finnish Spitz, Chow Chow, Keeshond, Lhasa Apso, Poodle, Löwchen, Schipperke, and the Tibetan Terrier.
The majority of all of the pure breds that are in the non-sporting breed are very well known for being simply amazing when it comes to being companion dogs. Possibly because of their smaller sizes, these dogs are just right for being a lovely and loyal companion for their owners. You might even know some other folks who own non-sporting dogs such as your Bichon Frise or even the Llhasa Apso, Dalmatian, Shiba Inu or Miniature Poodle.

Like many of the other amazing dogs within the non-sporting category, your Bichon Frise shows wonderful traits that any owner could fall in love with. You have all of the affection that you could ever ask for, along with a very friendly and outgoing demeanor. Most of the dogs that are placed within the non-sporting category are also famous for being easy to train, making them terrific dogs to enter in some of the various dog shows that take place every year.

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