Children’s Fear of Dogs

Fifteen years ago, while my father and mother were visiting us, we became aware of our daughter’s growing problem. My father had brought his beloved Cocker Spaniel (Aspen) with him on his yearly visit. We all observed my daughter keeping a very concerned eye on Aspen. As Aspen moved from room to room, my daughter would make sure to not bother him. Actually, she would move herself out of his way. In short, she was very afraid of this absolutely loveable Cocker Spaniel.

We had noticed her “dog fear” problem before, but thought that if she spent more time with Aspen, she would grow to love him – as we all did. This was not to happen!

It is for this reason that my father encouraged my husband and me to add a puppy to our family. He thought that our daughter would get over her trepidation. And, he was right!

Our daughter grew to love our little Bichon Frise. It took some time for our daughter to learn to relax with our little Sprite, as Sprite was a very energetic puppy. But, with time, our daughter and our Bichon Frise became best of friends… Although Sprite is now very old, she always enjoys my daughter’s trips home from college, and seems a little sad when our daughter has to go back to school.

Our daughter is no longer afraid of ANY dogs… Thanks to my father’s astuter recommendation AND our darling Bichon  Frise, Sprite!