Canned Dog Food or Dry Dog Food ?

A common mistake that many owners make is buying canned food for their Bichon. Due to Bichons being small lap dogs many owners think that canned food is a great choice because it is soft and full of gravy. These reasons are the exact reasons why it shouldn’t be fed to Bichons. The gravies and sauces are hard on their digestive systems and do more harm then good.

There will be times that you will want to give your dog a treat. Although giving a dog people food is frowned upon its ok if you do it every once in awhile. A few good examples are a piece of cheese, slice of an apple or small bite size piece of chicken. However, don’t make this a daily treat because then you will see your Bichon’s weight begin to increase, and you will also notice that your little Bichon Buddy will begin the annoying habit of begging whenever you get out the “people food.”

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