Feeding Your Bichon Frise…

Most of the time when your are getting a Bichon Frise from a reputable and responsible breeder, you will be given all of the information that you need to care for your new, pure-bred puppy. Some of this information will include tips on training and grooming, and also the types of foods that he/she should be fed. Before you take your puppy home from the breeder, you might want to see exactly what kind of food they were serving the puppies after they were weaned.

One of the most important things that you are going to want to remember when feeding your Bichon Frise is to check out all of the ingredients that go into the foods that you feed your dog. Many of the prepared dog foods on the market today will contain all sorts of processed ingredients, chemicals and even lots of unnecessary fats. After time, you could end up noticing that eating these foods can lead to certain health problems in your Bichon.

Some owners of pure-bred dogs (such as a Bichon Frise) like to feed what is called a raw food diet. They will tell you that there is evidence that a raw food diet can actually help to boost a dog’s immune system. Some of the foods that can be contained in such a diet will include raw vegetables, meats, eggs and even nutritious flax seeds.

However, most owners of pure-bred dogs prefer to feed their precious Bichon Frises a diet of store bought kibble. There are certain guidelines that you should take into consideration when buying a kibble at the store. One of the best places to go for premium dog food will be at your pet supply store. Do not be afraid to take your time so that you can analyze all of the ingredients in the kibble, making sure that there are plenty of vitamins and a minimum amount or additives. Ensuring that your Bichon receives a good ratio of minerals, carbohydrates and proteins will lead to him or her having a lengthy and healthy life.

Since our Bichon Frise has developed a big problem with crystals forming in her digestive tract, she is on a very special diet… with absolutely no table food. Of course, when we adopted her into our family, we had all the good intentions of not feeding her scraps. But, as the years went on, we found her eating more and more “people food” that magically fell on the floor, right in front of her. We no longer do that! We now buy all of her dog food from our veterinarian, who has been able to come up with a food that is a perfect match for her digestive problems. Many people decide to buy their dog food from their trusted veterinarian… Let’s face it, they actually do know what is best for you beloved pet!

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