Dog Names – Naming Your Puppy

Have you ever met a puppy and wondered what her family was thinking when they named her? Have you ever wondered why there are so many dogs who answer to “Fido” or “Spot”?

When you start contemplating your puppy’s name, remember that this name will be with him (and you!) for many happy years to come. Also, remember that your puppy will need to be able to understand his name.

It is best to try to come up with a name that you can actually see yourself saying for more than fifteen years. A name that might seem cute while you are in college, may not be so cute when you are an adult – with young kids of your own. After the cuteness wears off, it might become simply become an embarrassing name for both you and your dog!

Also, it is best to try to come up with a two syllable name… Will your dog be able to decipher between “no” and “Joe”? How about “Pearl” and Girl”… “Rad” and “Bad”… “yes” and “Jess”?

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