Bringing Our Bichon Home

I’m trying to remember back to when we brought Sprite home for the first time. My father’s beloved, and very spoiled Cocker, was still visiting, which made Sprite’s arrival a little hectic. We had bought Sprite from a pet store, and she was already three months old. Apparently, the woman who had contracted to have the pet store find her decided not to go ahead with her buying commitment because of Sprite’s’s size. Sprite is a rather large Bichon Frise. The woman had wanted to show her in dog shows, and Sprite’s large size would have disqualified her as a show-dog Bichon. Her size wasn’t a factor for us, since we didn’t plan to either breed her, or show her. We are so happy that the woman didn’t end up buying Sprite, since she has been an absolutely wonderful addition to our family!

Let me just say to any prospective owner, if  you get a puppy that has spent the first three months of his/her life in a cage, don’t expect to crate train it! Since Sprite had been living in her cage (crate) for three months, she didn’t consider it her “den” …. as believers in the crate method call it. She was used to living in a cage…. and by that, I mean living…. eating, drinking, and eliminating, in her cage.   

Another tip to prospective pet owners…… bringing a cute puppy  home with you can really irritate even the most docile, and loving older pet. Let me just leave it at this: Sprite adored following my dad’s Cocker around, but the feelings weren’t mutual. The Cocker was only interested in one thing about Sprite…….. her puppy dog food!

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