Bichon Frise Watch

What can you give a Bichon Frise lover that will be appreciated several times a day? A watch with the image of a Bichon Frise in the background! That’s right… a Bichon Frise watch! Every time they look to see what time it is, the recipient will appreciate the beauty of this delightful breed of dogs. When they are unable to be near their beloved pet, a quick glance at their wrist will bring them a sort of joy.

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Bichon Frise Watch Reminds You All Day Long

Watches are a practical gift. Everybody needs to know the time. Such a useful gift is enhanced when it also represents a breed of dog which is close to its wearer’s heart. Every look at a Bichon Frise watch will remind its owner of their special pet and the thoughtful person who gave them a wonderful gift.