Bichon Frise Sweater

Bichon Frise owners who want to show the world they are fans of these cute, little white fur-balls sometimes tend to go a little overboard! As one of these “over board” Bichon fans, I don’t mind who knows I love our smallest family member!

For this reason, I will “admit” to owning two different Bichon Frise sweaters. I actually find myself looking forward to the cooler weather so I can sport my Bichon Frise sweater.

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A Bichon sweater can be made out of various materials including cotton, polyester, fleece, etc. They can be either hand-made, or mass manufactured. The unique thing about the Bichon sweaters are that they will have a picture of a Bichon Frise breed of dog. The style of the sweater is usually dependent upon the purchaser of the sweater. The picture on a Bichon sweater may be any size, color, or on any location of the sweater.