Bichon Frise Placemat

There are many wonderful gifts to give to a Bichon Frise lover. A large variety of items contain lovely pictures of these darling, little dogs. One of the most practical gifts is a Bichon Frise placemat. Widely available in many different varieties, these are thoughtful and useful gifts.

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Placemats allow Bichon Frise’s (and their owners!) to eat comfortably by providing a nonslip surface for their food bowl. Most placemats measure approximately 13” x 19”. This is a perfect size. They create an attractive place on your table, but can also be put on the floor under your little fellow’s food bowls… making your pet’s eating area neat and attractive. They also clean up easily.

Bichon Frise placemats make excellent gifts for any Bichon Frise lover, or even their pet!