Bichon Frise Ornament

A Bichon Frise ornament would make a wonderful gift for any lover of this beautiful breed. It would make a wonderful collection to any owner’s tree. Even after Christmas you can display your little Bichon Frise ornaments all year round.

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There are many different styles of Bichon ornaments that you can find. You can find several kinds of ornaments including: glass balls, flat charm-like ornaments, ceramic ornaments, and even some in the actual shape of your Bichon. Some places even let you add the name of your pet and the year you want displayed on your Bichon ornament.

There are some really cute Bichon Frise ornaments – some with a little Bichon coming out of a little doghouse, and others that have the Bichon puppy playfully looking out from a hung stocking.