Bichon Frise Mug

Looking for a great gift for a dog lover? Consider buying a Bichon Frise mug. Mugs with photos of this lovable dog can be purchased in a variety of styles, colors, and materials, with or without quotes and sayings.

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A microwave safe Bichon Frise mug is great for soup, hot chocolate, tea, or coffee. Hand-decorated porcelain mugs are a popular option, but many dishwasher safe mugs are also available. After being washed, mugs can easily be stored in kitchen cabinets, cupboards, and pantries, or simply left on the counter so that you can enjoy seeing a depiction of one of these darling, little white fur-balls.

In addition to food and drink, these mugs can be used to hold flowers, candy, pens, or other office supplies. They can be placed in a china cabinet, or displayed on a shelf, desk, or counter. What Bichon Frise lover wouldn’t appreciate a Bichon mug?