Your Bichon Frise's Dental Hygiene

Bichons love to eat and will continue eating whatever you give to them. When choosing a dog food you should shy away from generic foods that use fillers instead of natural ingredients. You also don’t want to change your dogs food too often, this will not only cause them to have an upset stomach but will also change the consistency and rate of their stool.

Good dental hygiene is a must if you are going to own a Bichon Frise. Without proper dental care your pooch is going to be prone to disease, infection and early tooth loss. You can purchase a dog tooth brush and toothpaste to use on your Bichon. You brush your teeth daily and should get into the habit of doing the same for your dog.

Bichon Frises are usually the best choice for a healthy dog breed. Remember to take proper care of your dog  and you will have a full, healthy life together for many years. Keep in mind that to properly treat your Bichon Frise you will need to visit your veterinarian in order to get the proper medication.

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