Young Again!

Sprite is jumping, bopping, and having a great time these days! It is almost as if she has gone back in time… at least three years. I wonder if it is because she no longer has those terrible bladder stones, or perhaps it is because those pesky three teeth were really bothering her. All I know is that our vet prescribed a pill for the tooth pain (after he had to pull three teeth), and it is absolutely incredible how much this pill is helping her arthritis! I called our vet and told him that I would like to continue her on the medication, since I could see from the paper work that came with the prescription that it is actually a pill made to treat arthritic dogs. We will have to monitor her liver functions by having regular blood tests to make sure that she isn’t in the minority of dogs that have liver side-effects, but other than that, she is really  thriving on these pills.

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It really is amazing how much better she is doing. We just thought that age had caught up with her, until she started these pills. It’s nice to see her jumping up on the furniture, again. (We have always allowed her to sit on any piece of furniture, since she is part of the family.) But, we have been having to lift her up and place her on the sofa, beds, etc. She has become very adept at telling us exactly where she wants to sit.

I sure hope that when we test her blood that she is one of the many dogs who can tolerate the medicine. It really is nice to see how much better she must be feeling!