What is it Now?

Well, I got really good news last night. We were eating dinner when Sprite’s vet called and told us the good news…. Sprite doesn’t have any crystals in her urine.

If you have read my other blogs, you already know that Sprite had a rather intense/complicated operation due to many crystal stones in her bladder. When I saw the x-ray with all of the stones, I started bracing myself for a very bad ending.  I absolutely knew that she would not be coming home with us…. ever.

Well, she did come home with us…. about a week later. Her recuperation after the operation meant that I had to sleep with her in the guest bedroom, with those bed pads they sell for changing diapers spread all over the bed (since she sleeps with us.) I had to get up every two hours (if she didn’t get me up before the two hour mark) so that I could take her outside. In short, it was awful for all of us.

Our vet then put her on a very restricted diet….. Royal Canin SO dog food for urinary problems. We have to check her urine every three months…. and the last two urine checks showed that she had microscopic crystals. Both times, though, she had a urinary tract infection, which necessitated antibiotics. And, luckily, both times, after ten days of antibiotics, her urine showed that she didn’t have any crystals.

I will have to ask our vet if Bichons have a lot of problems with their urinary tracts. I know that I have said this before…..but it is difficult watching a beloved family pet get so old. It seems like just yesterday when she was doing her rabbit-run and hopping and bopping all over the place.

But, for now…….. at least the vet had good news!

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