Skin Problems — and Daily Walks

Sprite is really doing well… except for her occasional skin problems. I can’t believe that I used to think that her skin flare-ups were such a big deal…. after the last few months of major medical problems, I have finally been able to see how small they really are!

It has actually been several weeks since I had to take Sprite to see the vet. Of course, I stocked up on Animax Cream one of the last times I took her, so I have been able to take care of her skin flare ups without having to go to the vet as often as I was doing! I am not sure if Animax Cream works for all dogs, but it works for Sprite!

Oh, oh, it looks like she is ready to go on our walk. She has an internal clock that dictates when we take her. While she was so sick with those awful bladder stones, she still insisted on going on her daily walk. When I saw the initial x-ray of her bladder, so full of those awful stones, I was quite shocked to think that she had managed to pull us along on her walk the day before. Of course, the day that I absolutely knew she was so sick, she couldn’t have made the walk…….. she actually toppled over on her side while she was standing outside, straining to urinate. Poor little dog… it sure would be nice if they could tell us when something isn’t right with them.

I’ve got to go….. it’s walk time!

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