General Dog Health Care Guide

Dog health care is an important issue for anyone who keeps dogs as pets. It keeps the dog in good health, cutting vet costs that one might otherwise pay for treating dog infections and diseases. Diet, exercise and grooming are the main ingredients of basic dog health care. However, becoming well informed about possible health risks to dogs and disease prevention is the most fundamental need of caring dog owners. Educational material like books, magazines and DVDs related to dog health care should be consulted in order to better manage dog heath issues.

Dog Health and Food

Proper diet is the key factor in maintaining a dog’s health. Junk foods do the dog the same kind of health damage that they do to humans, as it makes them listless and overweight. Healthy natural foods for dogs boost the dog’s immunity and prevent diseases related to digestion and other body functions. Some dogs are allergic to particular foods or nutritional components especially in commercially available dog foods. While buying commercial foods, try to avoid those like corn, wheat, soy, beef and foods containing synthetic colors and preservatives. Dehydrated raw food prepared for dogs is getting popular now as a healthy diet for most dogs.

Exercise For Dogs

Exercise is an essential component of dog health care just like it is for human health. Daily exercise keeps the dog’s weight in control, maintains muscular health and keeps the breathing system in good condition. In addition, regular exercise also keeps the dog mentally active and happy. For dogs, exercise means both health and entertainment. Dogs certainly cannot take exercise like humans. Dog exercise consists mainly of walking and running. They should be stimulated to do this about three to four times daily. Jumping and swimming are also good exercises for dogs. The dog gladly, while imitating or playing with the owner, usually joins all these activities.


Grooming is another essential component of dog health care. It includes trimming and brushing the dog’s hair, clipping nails, giving the dog a bath and cleaning the dog’s eyes, ears and teeth etc. Regular grooming keeps a dog in good shape, preventing germs and parasites from infesting the animal. Grooming may be done at home or by a professional groomer. It is recommended to groom a dog well at least once a week. The dental care of a dog is usually the tough part of dog health care. The dog may be taken to a vet to get its teeth cleaned or one may use special dog biscuits that clean the teeth.

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