Bichon Frises' Bladder Stones (but Not Limited to Just Bichons)

As I said the other day, Sprite’s body is now developing another type of bladder stone. Thank goodness, I noticed that something just wasn’t right with her. She went on a special diet that is available only through the vet, which was supposed to take care of her struvite stones. I took her urine in to be tested two different times in the month right after her bladder operation, after she had been on the special diet food. Here is a tip…. Don’t wait until your vet thinks something is wrong! In Sprite’s case, I was the one who took the urine in to be tested. Our vet didn’t ask us to do that, but I just knew that something was still wrong with her. And, I am glad that I kept a watchful eye on Sprite, since we found out that in a very small percentage of dogs who had struvite stones, their bodies can react to the specialized diet food and they can then start to make calcium oxalate stones. Good grief! She is now on yet another special diet food….. available, of course, only through the vet. This particular food works by making the dog urinate often, thus the microscopic particles are flushed out of her system before they have time to form a stone. I sure hope this works!

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