Bichon Teeth…… Is It Normal to See So Many Cracks?!?

I haven’t blogged in a while because I have been busy with family commitments. I joined my mother, sister, and niece  for a ten-day trip to the Santa Fe area, and then I flew out to California so that I could accompany my daughter while driving back from her summer internship. I enjoyed both trips very much.

There was, however, a “damper” on my Santa Fe trip. I took Sprite to our vet a few days before my departure date, and he found a growth on her lower gum. Of course, this meant that she had to go in to have surgery, which she had to do anyway, since two more of her teeth had cracked.

Sprite has always enjoyed the rubber chew toys that Hartz USED to make…. they were soft enough to chew on, and not so hard that they would damage a tooth. Unfortunately, I can’t find those toys anymore. Since Sprite had chewed all of her chew toys down to sizes that I no longer felt were safe for her to chew on, I bought the only types of chew toys that I could find.

I found another type of rubber chew toys, but they turned out to be more like hard plastic. I won’t use the name of the company, but they are a reputable pet supplier, so I thought that I could trust the merchandise that they were marketing. Apparently, though, Sprite has either very weak teeth or she is a crazed chewer, because, I am sure I heard one of her teeth crack while she was chewing her new “rubber” chew toy.

Needless to say, she no longer has any rubber (as in “plastic”) chew toys! She still looks for her old favorites in the places that she knew they would be, which is sad to see her doing.

Anyway, our vet had to pull the two cracked teeth, and then had a biopsy of the mouth growth, the day before I flew out to Santa Fe. Fortunately the biopsy proved to be a very benign growth. As for Sprite’s mouth………. it looks like she would benefit greatly with a pair of dentures. Poor little thing has only two front teeth which don’t match up when she chews on her new soft/plush chew toys.

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