Doggy Doors Sometimes Lead to Barking Dogs Left in Back Yards…

Why is it that no matter how polite you try to be, there are always people out there who just don’t give a crumb? We have lived in our current home for over thirteen years, two of which were dogless. I frankly can’t remember our house without our little Bichon, but, sure enough, there was a life before Sprite. Our first neighbors on one side were the nicest, most “well behaved” people you could ask for. I didn’t find out until they were packing to move that they had a dog!  That’s how considerate they were!

Then, a very nice family moved in to the house. I use the term “very nice” to describe what we initially thought of them…. before they slowly started leaving their little dachshund “Ginger” outside. Unfortunately, Ginger is a barker! So, every time any of us goes outside in our yard, Ginger yacks and yacks at us. 

This, of course, would not be terribly bad if Ginger’s constant barking took place only during the usual work-day hours. Our neighbors have put in doggy doors so that Ginger can go in and out as she pleases. And, since they don’t leave her at a kennel when they go on vacation, this means that Ginger can bark at all hours of the night.

Since our neighbors were concerned about leaving poor Ginger alone while they went on  vacation, they decided to get her a playmate…… So, now we have Ginger AND Velvet making a ruckus outside at all hours of the night. I have to be fair, though, it’s not only the night…. they have been known to be awake during the early a.m. hours, also.

We had to work with Sprite to train her not to bark when our neighbors are outside. And, since we don’t have a doggy door, we are able to monitor how she acts when she does go outside. Every once in a while, she does run over to the side of the fence she shares with Ginger and Velvet and acts like she is going to bark back at them. A firm “No barking” reminds her that regardless of Ginger’s and Velvet’s manners, she is still a Bichon, and apparently more is expected of her!

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