Things We Should Think About When Boarding a Bichon

For many of us, parting ways with our Bichons one day is inevitable. Because we know that sooner or later we will need to leave our Bichon behind, we search for a better dog boarding place.  However, if we’ve been doing this for quite some time already, we might get used to our old Bichon boarding situation that we even forget to ask ourselves what goes on behind the kennel door once we’ve left our little favorite Bichon behind.

You might want to consider thinking that larger dog houses might not have enough staffing services to fully compensate with the needs of your dog. The one-on-one supervision that you’re looking for might not be met by the bigger centers. On the other hand, the smaller kennel is proven to be service efficient in the sense that the supervisor can closely monitor the smaller group of dogs which each need attention.

In fact, Bichon houses should never accept more than 20 canines (except with a larger staff at least) to have equal proportions of care given. These, and a lot more should be taken a deeper look into so that we could provide our pets with the best dog boarding facilities available.

Questions You Need to Ask Before Dog Boarding Your Bichon

Naturally, you would want to know more information on the feeding schedules, exercise patterns, and staffing during the night. But apart from these things, you need to dig deeper on the daily cost of dog boarding plus the additional charges that you have to pay. Also, vaccination coverage could be one question to have in mind. 

Asking about the food and toys available are also among the most important queries that you should be able to deliver. Remember, everything is for the welfare and happiness of your little pooch while you temporarily leave him in the care of another person.

Tips On The Search For Bichon Boarding

Looking for a Bichon boarding facility is never easy; but once you get to start with the process, you’ll soon find out that there are lots of available options to choose from. You just simply decide on the price that you’re willing to pay plus the amenities that a center offers. Here are some tips to guide you in finding the perfect temporary space for your little pooch.

Listing all the dog boarding facilities nearest your place, ask what type of vaccinations they require before you can enroll your dog, know the credentials of the people who will be rendering the services, drop by the facility and take some time to have a glimpse of the place, try talking to some of the staff, ask yourself if the place offers good accommodation, and lastly, never forget to ask for the rates and charges of every facility that you visit into.

Make sure that you understand every process in boarding your Bichon. Most of all, ensure that your Bichon will receive proper care and nourishment in the facility that you’re going to leave them in.

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