Who's the Alpha?

Sprite is really doing great! It’s always a pleasure for all of us when she is able to jump up on her favorite couch. And, she sure does enjoy sitting on “her ottoman” at the front window. I have a pinched nerve which has been giving me discomfort for the last two months, so I am pleased that Sprite is able to resume her previous activities without me having to lift her up all of the time.

Although she is no longer a puppy, she sure does act like one every once in a while. I don’t know if it is a “Bichon Frise Thing,” but she is the first dog I have ever witnessed doing (what we like to call) “the rabbit run.” It is a very curious thing to see for the first time…. she simply runs (almost uncontrollably) in circles. Quite comical to witness.

When she does the “rabbit run,” I am sometimes reminded of just how active she was as a puppy. She used to be able to keep up with our children when they were both in elementary school. 

When Sprite first joined our family, she and our eight year old daughter competed on who would be the alpha of their duo. Sprite really did not want to be on the lowest hierarchal rung in our family. She was determined that our youngest would take that position. We adopted Sprite during the summer, which made our daughter’s little anklets wonderful targets for Sprite to chase after and try to nip.

Now, the hierarchy firmly established (our daughter triumphed!), they are best friends. When our daughter comes home during her college breaks, Sprite can always be found following her around…….. from room to room… loving her favorite “person girl.”

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