I'm Not Sure… But I Think Our Dog is a CAT!

If you have a dog like Sprite, you may be wondering if he/she is a dog or cat. In our house, we refer to Sprite as our Dog-Cat. She is the only dog I have ever known who does not like to be pet or played with a lot of the time. We can beg, plead, or cajole, and if she isn’t the one who initiates contact with her humans, she isn’t interested.

We have almost gotten to think of it as Sprite bestowing her attention on us when she is in the mood to do so. There are many times when she is sitting on the couch with me, when I try to get her to come and sit with me so that I can pet her. Nope! The only times that scene plays out are the times when Sprite comes to us first…. and then she expects us to drop whatever we might be doing to pet her… sort of on command!

Another behavior that has us asking if she doesn’t have a little, tiny bit of cat in her is her tail-wagging. You can talk to her in a happy tone “until the cows come home” (or should I say “cats come home?!?”)  If she doesn’t want attention from her humans, you can just forget her expending any extra energy to wag her tail!

I wonder if this is true with all Bichons. Certainly, I would guess it’s not!

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