Bichon Frise's Need for Attention

Who would have ever guessed that our Sprite would become so demanding for our attention. As I sit here writing my blog, she is whining for attention…. something she gets quite a bit of!  My daughter gave Sprite the idea that she could whine until we acquiesced to pet her…… So now, Sprite sits and whines until we either get off the computer or lean over and pet her while typing with one hand.

Recently, Sprite has become even more attention-seeking……… sometimes not being happy if we pet her with only one hand…… she prefers the two-handed-petting approach! Good grief!

I wonder if all Bichon Frises are this demanding for attention, or if Sprite is simply spoiled. But, since there are four of us and only one of her……….. she doesn’t have to whine too long before someone puts down their “unimportant task” (at least to her!) and gives her what she craves. After all, she loves us unconditionally… the least we can do is return that love one of the ways she understands…… either by feeding her or petting her.  Our pets ask so little from us, don’t they?

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