Are Those the Car Keys I Hear?

If your Bichon Frise is anything like Sprite, then you know that you can’t get your car keys out without your pet thinking that it is not only time for you to go, but time for them to get to go do one of their very favorite things in life…. go in the car.

I remember years ago when my father visited with his beloved Aspen (I have written about his favorite Cocker Spaniel friend before), and Aspen ran out our front door. Aspen was not a well-mannered dog… he was full of his own ideas of how things should be done, and since my father had been left partially paralyzed by his stroke, Aspen had learned that he simply didn’t have to learn the humans’ rules. So, when Aspen bolted out the front door, I was immediately frightened at the thought that this young Cocker Spaniel would think that I was playing while I was trying to catch him…. and I wondered how in the world I was going to get that doggone dog back.

Apparently my father had some tricks of his own… He very patiently/quietly told me to make the garage door go up and yell to Aspen that we were going on a car trip. I wasn’t quite as believing as I should have been, since I had witnessed Aspen pulling all sorts of tricks that showed how stubborn he was. BUT>>>>> it worked! As soon as I made the garage door go up, and let Aspen know that we were going on a car trip, he bolted into the car! As disobedient (and absolutely darling) as he was, he fell for the old car trip routine!

I guess that you can outsmart a dog…. or is it a fox? Either way…. Aspen got his trip in the car, albeit a short trip around the block, and we got my father’s beloved Aspen to obey us…. or did we?!?

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