Bichon Frise: Appearance

This breed has a very attractive, sturdy and proud appearance.  It is white, with either a buff, cream or apricot shading.  It has a black, rounded nose (pink at birth), a pair of dark, piercing eyes that are slightly rounded, with dark rims.  Weighs 7 to 12 pounds and stands 9 to 11.5 inches.  Its ears droop and are smaller than a poodle’s.  It has a well-developed chest, and a well-muscled, slightly rounded body.  The Bichon Frise’s coat is a “double coat, with fine, silky hair that is loosely curled.”  It does not shed much.

The “Human” Side of the Bichon Frise:

Basically it is a companion dog.  It does not need a lot of outdoor exercise (a suggestion is to take it for a 15-minute walk three times a day).  It thrives indoors and adapts well to apartment living.  It is generally considered even-tempered and affectionate – traits that make the Bichon Frise stand out.  Definitely an ideal pet for first time dog owners.

What to Watch Out For:

A Bichon Frise needs its curly coat to be groomed daily to avoid matting.  This breed has a tendency to have clogged tear ducts so its eyes have to be cleaned regularly.  The condition of the coat needs to be monitored, and it has to be given a bath once a month. Since its hair does not fall out, it must be clipped at least every five weeks. (Of course, the fact that its hair doesn’t fall out is the very reason it is considered “hypoallergenic.”)

 Truly, a delightful powder puff of a dog!

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