Allergy Problems

Other common allergens that affect Bichons include certain trees, mold and grass. The best way to prevent this is to visit your local vet. Once you pin point what is triggering the allergic reaction then you can treat it effectively before the problem gets out of hand. There is such a thing as a dog dermatologist, if your dog is experiencing severe allergies then this is probably going to be the most effective route to take.

Bichons are prone to tear staining around their eyes. What causes tear staining? This is mostly caused by allergies, infections and blocked tear ducts. In order to prevent this from happening you should keep the hair around their face clean and trimmed. A great way to clean this area on your Bichon Buddy is by using a clean, wet, soft towel. This should be a daily routine in order to keep dust, dirt, and grime from building up around your Bichon’s eyes. If you let it go, then you risk a visit to the vet in order to  get medication to treat an infection.

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