Allergies and Bichons

“It just breaks my heart.”

This is a comment frequently expressed by owners of Bichon Frise dogs that are prone to allergies. One sure sign of allergies is when they scratch and bite themselves several times a day. If these allergies are not detected early, they can become more difficult to treat.

This is why Bichon Frise owners who are not aware that their pets could have allergies, no matter how regularly groomed they are, feel their desperation and misery. Being such tiny creatures with eyes that look almost sorrowful, they look helpless and lethargic when their allergies strike.

The best advice for Bichon owners is this: If your Bichon Frise exhibits symptoms that closely resemble allergies, you should work and cooperate closely with your veterinarian. He is the only one qualified to diagnose and prescribe certain medications for your dog’s allergy. The worst you can do is deal with allergic Bichons by trial and error. Your pet’s health is too important for a haphazard treatment procedure. Seek the vet’s advice as soon as you can, so you won’t be one of those who cry, “it breaks my heart” when your pet is sick, unhappy, and uncomfortable.

While many Bichon allergies can be food-related, allergy triggers can also be lurking in the environment in the form of substances that are inhaled by the Bichon. These substances can be found in trees, grasses and mold. Spring and Fall are allergy seasons, so it might be an excellent idea to keep your allergic Bichons indoors in air-conditioned quarters, especially if he is prone to allergies.

A Bichon Frise’s skin allergies can also be caused by fleas.  

Allergies can make you and your Bichon truly miserable. Keep an eye out for skin, dental, eye and other allergies. If you’ve read some of the message boards like we have where Bichon owners have posted questions and stories regarding their allergic Bichons, you’ll know that allergies – no matter how mild – are serious matters that need quick and professional attention. Otherwise, It could really break your heart…

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