Squeaky Toys for Your Bichon but Not for You!

Small dog breeds have a natural love for hunting small rodent-like animals like mice. These animals squeak, so their instincts tell them to chase and “kill” the squeak. Any type of squeak in a toy gives a small dog like your Bichon Frise hours of fun. Choose a sturdy toy for days of happy play for your Bichon. Be sure to choose wisely! Don’t get your Bichon a toy that will come apart in his mouth, and pose a choking hazard.

Other types of squeaky toys include fuzzy miniature bears with arms and legs for your Bichon Buddy to carry around in his or her mouth. You can even get your dog his or her own mini stuffed Bichon Frise for your dog to carry around with them. These fuzzy stuffed animals come both with or without squeakers, for your dog’s pleasure (and for your sanity!)

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