What’s with the Wallflower?!?

Well, as I said in my last blog entry……… Sprite developed/had some very peculiar habits as a puppy. You may be wondering what all of the “wallflower” references in my titles stand for…. One of Sprite’s behaviors involved our walls!

Sprite started chewing our walls whenever she was left alone. You may wonder how she did that…. since today’s thought about how to leave your puppy involves putting him/her in a crate. But, we didn’t do that with Sprite… more on that in a future blog.

We always left Sprite in our kitchen when we went out, but our kitchen has a very wide opening to the family room (which at the time was carpeted), so my husband and I bought a metal shelf at The Container Store and proceeded to mount it on a wooden contraption of sorts. It was a perfect way to block Sprite from going into the family room. We also put up baby gates at the other entrances into the kitchen. Unfortunately, there is a lot of open wall in the kitchen, and Sprite left her chewing marks on three different walls. And, by marks, I mean big holes in the dry wall. (We have since had them fixed!)

At the time, we were seeing our old veterinarian, and he had no ideas on why Sprite liked to chew walls. I thought that maybe her diet was deficient in some type of mineral… but he said no, that wasn’t it. I made many calls around town to try to find out why she did this. Many dog specialists/trainers told me to crate her, but that wasn’t an option with Sprite.

I tried the Bitter Apple sprays, but they didn’t work. You name it, I tried it. (Unfortunately, I can’t remember back to all of the different sprays we used that promised to curb a dog’s behavior toward items, but we tried a lot of them!)

But, as I said in my previous blog, when she turned one year old, she just sort of “knew” what wasn’t acceptable… It was truly odd how things just sort of clicked for her at one specific time. To this day, every once in a while, I wonder…. Why!?!? What was it about those walls that she found so intriguing!?!  But when I find myself wondering about that, I then wonder why I am thinking about those “little” problems…… She has been such a wonderful pet… i should just concentrate on that fact.

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