Training Your Puppy : Just Home – Now What?

Once we got our Bichon Frise puppy home, we soon found out that she was OK with all of us being Alphas in her pack. All of us, that is, except our youngest child. As far as Sprite was concerned, she was the Alpha to our daughter. Sprite absolutely loved nipping our seven year old daughter’s anklets.

It was apparent to all of us that Sprite was going to have to stop nipping our daughter’s anklets. We enrolled her (Sprite! Not our daughter!) in an obedience class – which she actually enjoyed.

It’s important to nip your puppy’s excessive aggression in the bud! A puppy obedience class is a great way to both socialize your puppy and teach your puppy that he/she may be the only dog in the house, but he/she is not the Alpha dog in the house!

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