Bichon Frise Housebreaking

Bichon Frise housebreaking is not for the timid. These high energy little dogs are highly intelligent, but notoriously strong minded, and will put your training skills to the test.

Not to say Bichon Frises aren’t charming, because they certainly are, but therein lies the problem. Bichons can turn that charm around on you in a heart beat, and soon you realize exactly who’s in charge, and it’s not your name on the office door.

Bichon Frise housebreaking requires great fortitude if you are going to be successful. You have to be consistent and firm without being cruel in order to let your Bichon know that you are the boss and this is the way it’s going to be, no slacking and no questions asked.

Bearing that in mind, take a deep breath and get ready to do some Bichon Frise housebreaking!

Bichon Frise Housebreaking 101

The early bird catches the worm and it’s not much different with Bichon Frise housebreaking. You need to get up early to begin your Bichon Frise housebreaking before they have their first accident of the day, setting a pattern for failure that will be hard to overcome. Set your alarm for 6:00 A.M. and begin your Bichon Frise housebreaking outside.

One word commands are very important in all aspects of dog training, and indispensable to Bichon Frise housebreaking. Your Bichon needs one definite word to associate the deed with the area where it is to be done. That one word needs to be repeated frequently in an encouraging tone until your Bichon has done his business.We recommend that word be ‘outside’.

The tone of your voice when using that one word command will let your Bichon know how you feel. Say it in a praising tone when you’ve had a Bichon Frise housebreaking success. Say it in a very low stern tone when your dog has had a Bichon Frise housebreaking failure. And use it in a questioning tone when you ask your Bichon if it needs to go out.

Once your Bichon has relieved himself, more than once if possible, give him praise and affection using the one word command consistently. You’ve just begun forging an important link in Bichon Frise housebreaking. You’ve helped your Bichon associate the command ‘outside’ with the praise ‘outside’ for doing his job properly.
Now the real challenge is building upon your initial Bichon Frise housebreaking success. You’re going to have to be consistent and diligent. Take your Bichon Frise housebreaking outside again within the hour, and immediately after feeding him.

If you put in the extra effort to intercept your Bichon before he’s had a housebreaking accident, you’ll be training your Bichon on the successes rather than the failures. Your Bichon Frise already thinks he’s pretty wonderful and will be more in the mood to please you if he thinks you agree with him.

Bichon Frise housebreaking does provide a challenge, but if you use consistency and affection, you’ll be persuading your Bichon it was his idea to become housebroken all along.