Training Your Bichon Frise

When you bring home a gorgeous Bichon Frise puppy, you are going to want to think about certain things, including care, training and so on. In order to get the help that you need, you can always look to the breeder that you got the pup from or even from a professional that can help you with and of the training that they need. However, you might want to look into the possibility that you can go ahead and train your Bichon yourself and in the comfort of your own home and yard.

One thing that you should never do is assume that training your new dog is hard to do. As a matter of fact, the Bichon Frise breed is very well known for being extremely intelligent and loving. In addition to their intelligence, they are very loyal and love doing anything that they can to please their owner. You should actually find that as long as you take the proper steps to initiate smart and comfortable training that your Bichon should have no problem when learning. Even more so, training your beloved new addition can also be an incredible way to take part in a great deal of bonding.

Certainly, there is a huge difference between training your Bichon for the show ring or merely understanding simple everyday commands. If you are hoping to have your dog take part in obedience training and you have never trained a dog before, looking up a professional may be best for this task. When everyday command training is what you are hoping for, you should have no problem taking on this project on your own. You might even be able to get some tips and pointers from your veterinarian or even a friend who has trained dogs in the past.

Many experts will train their Bichon by using treats to reward them when they are doing a wonderful job. If you are wondering what kind of treats that you can use for your dog, you can once again ask your veterinarian or breeder for any suggestions. Most people will tell you that a bit of kibble for each task is a great way to begin the rewarding process. Each time your Bichon completes a task, you can give him or her a piece of their regular food. Many Bichon owners will take bits from the regularly allotted food so that their dog does not end up overeating, which could potentially lead to obesity down the road. Have fun while training your Bichon Frise and enjoy all of the bonding experiences that you will encounter.

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